missoltini with "polenta"

First: Homemade!
Second: made with local, organic and certified products.

That’s the secret of the intense and special flavours of our cuisine. We produce bread, pasta, sweets and fruit juices with the ingredients of out territory; we do not use tinned or semi-finished products in order to avoid preservatives, colourings and additives; we offer you the products of our land, of breeders and farmers who still know the value of their craft and have chosen the organic method. A slow and demanding direction, which listens to the voice of the seasons and the cues from nature; an uphill climb just like an Alpine path, yet rich with satisfaction when you reach the top and understand that living better is possible.

Organic flours made with all kinds of cereals, fresh energy boosting pulses, local meat and cheeses, seasonal fruit and vegetables from our gardens, wild herbs and berries. These and many more “gifts” combined with just as much daily hard work transforms these ingredients into the appetising dishes on our menus, seasoned as always with a hint of imagination.   Dishes that are created paying close attention to their nutritional value, for the right balance between protein and carbohydrates and the correct amount of calories needed for strenuous mountain activities.

roast with mushrooms, potatoes and "polenta"

For those staying at the Refuge or for hikers looking for an energy boost before a hike, we have breakfasts that include organic fruit juices and milk, home-made bread, jams and cakes, yoghurt, muesli and a wide range of teas and herbal teas made with delicious Alpine herbs. For the first courses for lunch and dinner we have pasta, pizzoccheri, lasagne and pancakes all of which are made with organic flours of every kind of cereal and served with appetising sauces. And after that there are second courses made with organic meat and lots of sweets all made by us.

Click below and discover the authenticity of the products we use, the care with which we transform them into exclusive dishes using these exceptional ingredients and the importance of our suppliers, who you can call into and take home a little something out of the ordinary.


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