Since 2002, thanks to the Comunità Montana del Lario Orientale (Eastern Lake Mountain Community) with the cooperation of the Casa delle Guide di Lecco (Alpine Guides Association of Lecco), about 80 routes in Grignetta have been under requalification. These routes are suitable for all levels of proficiency, mainly with 4 and 5 grade routes, with an altitude ranging between 1,500 and 2,000 metres. The best period of the year to carry out the work is from the end of May up to October/November, however even at the height of summer it is necessary to watch out for the weather conditions, which as always in the mountains, can change rapidly.

Most of the tracks leading to the Grignetta routes, where were home Cassin Bonatti and Mauri, leave from Resinelli. Some of the most famous summits being: the Gruppo Magnaghi with the Sigaro Dones, the Gruppo del Fungo with the Campaniletto, the Torre, the Lancia and the Fungo, the Cresta Segantini and the Torre Cecilia.

Not forgetting that Resinelli has a natural practice wall of historical importance, named “Corno del Nibbio”, which is famous all over Italy, ideal for training.