Numerous paths leave from Soldanella Refuge, and many more from Piani Resinelli itself, heading towards Grignetta. They are tracks leading to the rock climbing routes, which are equally interesting for non-climbers who wish to try averagely difficult Alpine routes, which often have exposed and equipped sections. The routes are well sign posted and each one is indicated with its level of difficulty and the time it takes to reach the destination, so that the hiker can make an informed choice based on his or her abilities.

Lots of paths lead to the Refuge from the valley passing through cool woods filled with the perfume of the trees, ideal for those who prefer easier slopes or families with children as well as for walkers looking for a more relaxing context. You can come up for a snack, a tasty lunch or simply for a refreshing tea; or even just to take in the view over the valley and feel the cool air that comes down from Grigna. These same paths can be taken by guests staying at the Refuge, going down to the valley and coming back up.

Guide maps for guests can be found at the Refuge and we can also recommend which route is most suitable for individual abilities.