Resinelli has many surprises in store for anyone who wants to have fun immersed in nature, for anyone who wants to try out sporting activities in safety and with assistance, and for those who want to find out more about the area. All this is possible on this tableland and its surrounding areas thanks to the local attractions.

Pian delle Fontane Farm
At Matteo and Ida’s you can visit a real proper Alpine farm, you can see how they make cheese, meet the goats and learn all about organic farming methods, and you get to taste and purchase fabulous goat’s milk cheeses. A paradise for kids.
We buy lots of the cheeses that we serve at the Refuge here because they are produced naturally, made with fresh untreated milk from animals bred at the farm and is made only between April and October, which fully respects the seasonal rhythm.

Resinelli Adventure Park
Deep in the woods at the tableland, the Park offers a series of activities for ‘kids’ of all ages. The main attraction is the series of suspended paths in the trees of various levels of difficulty, yet all fully safe; test your endurance and try the routes along the suspended bridges, moving walkways and slides.
Not to mention tree climbing, treasure hunts, archery, games relating to fairy tales, simple tours to discover the area’s flowers and animals and in winter, guided excursions with snow shoes (can be rented on site) as well as night time trips by torchlight.

Piani Resinelli Old Mines
Mining played a large part in the life of lots of Alpine areas until the mid twentieth century and it is a piece of the human and cultural history of these places. The Resinelli mines are one of such places. Restored and converted into an educational place of interest for tourists, it is especially great for children to learn about traditions.
The underground area has been organised into five rooms just like a real mineralogy and petrography laboratory, to find out about rocks based on their physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics. Whereas above ground multimedia equipment, technical tools and lab materials have been installed for experimental activities about the science of the earth.