The cured meats are made with meat from animals kept on the pastures of the Grigna Park. Our butcher Ivano, makes the sausages using the antique tradition of the butchers of the mountain village of Pasturo, curing them with a wood burning stove and aging them in cellars.
The pickled vegetables are prepared using fresh vegetables, blanched in vinegar and preserved in oil.


First courses
The pizzoccheri pasta is made with buckwheat flour selected and ground for us by the Filippini flour mill in Teglio (Sondrio); we make the pasta dough and cut it by hand and it is served with butter from the mountain pastures of Valcarona.
The lasagne is always homemade using organic flour, layered with fresh seasonal vegetables or with an excellent game meat sauce. The pancakes, made with organic flour (kamut, oats, chickpeas, emmer…), fresh eggs and milk, combined with fresh seasonal vegetables, wild herbs, porcini mushrooms or fish from the local lake.
The rice used for risottos is light brown rice from the biodynamic agricultural farm Cascine Orsine in Pavia.

stews with "polenta"

Second courses
All of our stews are cooked on a wood burning stove; the meat is from the herds lovingly bred by Claudio at the Pigazzi Ivano farm in the mountain village of Pasturo, the animals roam freely in the mountain pastures of Grigne Park, rich with flowers and medicinal herbs that make the meat aromatic and nutritious.
The homemade sausages made by our butcher Ivano are barbequed, and can be accompanied with polenta. We always serve polenta with missoltini (dried shad fish), which is a typical lake fish that we buy from local fishermen.

In our tradition of authenticity and organic food we serve:
– Quartirolo a fresh soft cheese of Giorgioni, made with milk from cows living in a stable in Cornisella, at an altitude of 1,000 metres, owned by Invernizzi & Rota Farm in Pasturo.
– Organic goat’s cheese made by Ida, from the Pian delle Fontane farm in Resinelli.
For those who wish, we can serve our cheeses with the vegetable, fruit or local herb conserves that we produce ourselves.

What’s more
Our organic homemade bread is made with mother yeast, wholemeal flour, natural sea salt and pumpkin, sunflower, linseed and sesame seeds. The prolonged rising makes it easy to digest and the wholemeal flour means it is very nutritious.
We buy our extra virgin olive oil in Sicily, from the 12 chiavi farm in Trapani.
Dandelion, wild spinach and asparagus, black bryony, hop, thyme herbs and juniper berries all grow wild in this area and we use them to flavour, complete and perfection the taste the dishes.